Remember? Just 9 years ago? Remember?

If you want a gov­ern­ment that’s gonna intrude on your life, enforce their per­sonal views on you, then I guess Jeb Bush is your man,” Schi­avo explained, adding, “We really don’t need another Bush in office.”

via Terri Schiavo’s Hus­band Speaks Out On Jeb Bush’s Pres­i­den­tial Bid | ThinkProgress.

Time For Something New


FortuneThis week is Finals Week. Just now I com­pleted three final exams. I have one paper to do for my mas­ter class in Span­ish Literature.

And then I am done.

Five years ago, I got a let­ter from Pres­i­dent Obama, sent via the New York Unem­ploy­ment Insur­ance Depart­ment. The let­ter sug­gested that I could go to col­lege. Since I had exactly zero chance of get­ting a job, and my UI was set to run out, leav­ing me with the option of liv­ing in a home­less shel­ter, I decided to try enrolling in the local com­mu­nity college.

The only degrees offered that inter­ested me were in Span­ish and in Music. I decided that I didn’t want to get caught up in for­mal music train­ing (I feel the same about for­mal cre­ative writ­ing) and opted for a Span­ish major.

I had no way of know­ing how pos­i­tive this lit­tle step, made solely from des­per­a­tion my back to the wall, would turn out to be.

Now, five years and one month later, I have won four schol­ar­ships, Dean’s honor roll 3 times, President’s honor roll twice, two degrees, Dean of Human­i­ties Medal­lion, Lead jour­nal­ist on the Uni­ver­sity paper with 45 front page arti­cles, which led to Thom­son Reuters jour­nal­ist (4 inter­na­tional bylines), 1st prize in lit­er­ary analy­sis and the broad­est edu­ca­tion I could man­age, from Geron­tol­ogy to Lin­guis­tics, from Drama to Jour­nal­ism. From Span­ish to Span­ish Literature.

They say that get­ting a col­lege degree mainly shows that you know how to fol­low instruc­tions and make it through the ins and outs of your major. If you can do that, so the rea­son­ing goes, then you are hire­able. As a server at McDonald’s, from the looks of the job market.

I think that’s true.

Because I found col­lege to be a sys­tem of steps that one mostly had to fol­low and if one fol­lowed them, on time, one not only learned much of the teach­ings of the course but also how to fol­low instruc­tions and do things com­pletely to completion.

There were other, more spe­cific tasks that were taught me.

So now, it’s done or about to be. So. What’s next? If given a chance, I shall now find a way to employ these learned skills and expe­ri­ence, to cre­ate some­thing new and positive.






More rational real talk

This is just one in a series of mono­logues this guy does on var­i­ous tropes put forth by neo­fem­i­nists, prov­ing them all either com­pletely wrong or so shal­low as to be com­pletely wrong-headed. This one espe­cially struck me as relevant.


Epic Fem­i­nist Fails of our time: ‘Ban Bossy’ — YouTube.

Love, Peace and Gender — Dr Warren Farrell, GirlWritesWhat and Stefan Molyneux of Freedomain Radio — YouTube

Most intel­li­gent dia­log of the year.  Worth a 2nd look.


Love, Peace and Gen­der — Dr War­ren Far­rell, Girl­WritesWhat and Ste­fan Molyneux of Free­do­main Radio — YouTube.

American Christmas song

Had the plea­sure of see­ing Robert Earl Keen, Jr. at The Fill­more at the end of the 90s. Merry Xmas all.


Robert Earl Keene’s Merry Christ­mas from the Fam­ily — YouTube.

Feminism vs. Pay Disparity

A short that utterly destroys the myth of pay dis­par­ity and has room for a few other myths


Fem­i­nism vs. Truth — YouTube.

The Near Future is Here

This page fea­tures a series of short videos on the com­ing decen­tral­iza­tion of humankind. We can only hope & pray and chant that this comes to be.

Decen­tral­ized Appli­ca­tions • IHB News™.

Here’s what happens when you let people suffer

Peter Temin: Lessons from the Great Depres­sion — YouTube.

From America’s Finest Economist, an Essay

The New Cold War Pol­icy Has Back­fired | Vet­er­ans News Now.